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Engineering and Industrial Computing. We bring metal, technology and design together to manufacture unattended terminals and deliver technological solutions for the 4.0 industry 

We design and produce interactive kiosks and anti-vandal frameworks meeting the most demanding protection and ergonomy standards. Weather you need a prototype or a serial production, here you have your partner. We also help you to select the most suitable industrial components for your project, importing for you the latest technology straight from the main manufacturers of the global industry.

Ingeniería e informática Industrial. Aunamos metal, tecnología y diseño para fabricar terminales desatendidos y ofrecer soluciones tecnológicas para la industria 4.0. 

Diseñamos y producimos prototipos y series de kioscos interactivos y soportes antivandálicos, adaptándonos a las normativas de protección y ergonomía más exigentes. Además, te ayudamos a elegir los componentes industriales más adecuados para tu proyecto. Con tecnología importada directamente de los principales fabricantes del sector.


25 years managing the processes of selecting, buying and delivering industrial components for our clients. And two decades creating solutions for the kiosk industry. At EOS Ibérica we started to manufacture unattended terminals even before the term kiosk had an extensive use in the market.


The speed of response is one of our strong benefits when supplying industrial computing products and technological solutions. We have an office in Shenzen, China, and this allow us to renew weekly our industrial components stock. Normally, we can serve an order immediately, in 24 or 48 hours, depending on the transport service chosen by the client. In case, we do not have stock of the product you need, the time of delivery never exceeds 12 days.


Our manufacturing facilities are provided with advanced machinery to transform metal and integrate technology. This asset, together with the implementation of a flexible production system, let us reach volumes of 500 units per month without decreasing the pace and competitiveness in the production of small volumes or prototypes.


We believe in our talented people. And we know that it is crucial to have the right team to deliver the client the right solution. Engineers, computer and IT specialists, technical operators, buyers, logistics and customer service managers make up the team of professional experts at EOS Ibérica.


We are obsessed with the innovation. And we know that continuous Research and Development is key to create innovative products. Our commitment with innovation drives us to the forefront of the sector and let us provide our clients with personalized and profitable solutions.


We firmly believe in the possibility of making a more efficient world through the use of technology without compromising the future of next generations. At EOS Ibérica we encourage creativity, business cooperation and diversity to develop technologies that improve the society. Our awards “Premios Abbas Ibn Firnas” are a statement of this commitment.

Let´s talk?

Do you need assistance to choose and buy the most suitable industrial components for your equipment? Would you like to receive information and guidance about attended or unattended kiosks, payment terminals or any other of our technological solutions? Just contact us and we will work to offer you tailored proposal.

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